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Our NEW website

Check out our new website to keep up to date on all we do!

Our Business Plan

Let's get down to business

Plastic Pollution in different Countries


Our plans for the first and second year

These aims we'd like to reach
First year: •Improve our product •Make our product more popular •Try to find a company which uses our product Second year: •Find more companies which will use our product (all over the EU) •Try to make more different plastic types (e.g.: water bottles)

Opportunities and Threats

Why the product is so great?

•We could reduce plastic waste and pollution •We could be the future of food packaging
But: •It’s not fully tested yet, so we have to spend more time in testing the product and the ingredients

Strengths and weaknesses of our product

Positive and Negative aspects

  So why is our product so good?



-Easy to produce

-Dissolves in water 

Here is how we can improve:


- it isn’t water resistant 

- it easily breaks when it’s ripped